Captain America Civil War Review

“Captain America Civil War felt like a meal at a restaurant”


After Deadpool, Captain America Civil War was definitely my next most anticipated film.

While I thoroughly enjoyed it, there was a certain feeling I just couldn’t shake throughout. It felt like it was missing something, not story, not characters, just an overall feeling of me not being as overwhelmed as I thought I would be.

On terms of story, Civil War was great. After so much destruction and death resulting in when the Avengers were “saving” somewhere, the government have come to a decision to keep them in check- forcing them to sign a register that allows all those typical important people control over them and what they can do.

Surprisingly, Iron Man (still played greatly by Robert Downey Jr), is all for this while Captain America is against. This is what forms the split in the Avengers, with both teams going different ways- especially when Iron Man is told to go after those who refused to sign.

The film does an excellent job of toying with you in the struggle of which side you’re on. You get to see why Iron Man decides to swing towards the “for” side, and why Cap goes “against”. (Although in truth this is mainly because of his friend Bucky/ the Winter Soldier, who really kicks off the main plot.) I can say myself that I really agree with Iron Man’s motives, and his manner of thinking, especially after a plot twist at the end where Downey Jr makes you feel the incredible anger his character is experiencing at that point. However, if I was a superhero I wouldn’t want to be on call 24/7, to be told what I can and can’t do, and therein lies the brilliance in how the writers manipulate you into really giving thought on both points of view. One things for certain, the results of this film have definitely changed the Marvel Universe forever.

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