Okja Review

It’s rare I watch a film and truly feel some sort of strong connection to it. True, I love films, and am attached to big franchises such as Marvel, but their films generally fail to deliver such a story such as this.

Okja is one of those films that you really do just need to watch to understand its power. While it is true it dips into the stereotypes of child and animal attachment, animal taken away, evil corporation, Okja does it in such a way that it all feels fresh and brand new.

You might go to see Okja believing it to be some sort of adventure family film, but this is far from the truth. While being  an adventure, it also delves into the themes and issues of animal abuse and the overall realism of animal experimentation and slaughterhouses. This is all handled exactly how it should be, as dark as you’d expect it to be put across, but put across excellently all the same. The narrative shift is done very well, and the overall aspect of conflicting loyalties and personalities is done so so well.

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While it is true you have the corporation itself, some genuinely seem nice despite their interests in breeding and killing micropigs like Okja. Others seem like real genuine people but seem to then turn evil, but only after certain events occur. And others are nice but do occasionally use child Mija to their advantage or show a darker side to their personality. The characters are developed so brilliantly in this film, and I would be happy going for a second viewing even if to just analyse each one and how they truly intertwine in the story.

The only criticism I could give to Okja is that I feel Giancarlo Esposito is criminally underused, and his own miniature subplot seems highly irrelevant to everything else, but his scenes are still good nonetheless.

Okja really surprised me, and I would by far call it one of my favourite films of this year. The CGI was far better than expected, right down to individual hairs moving when a hand was ran along the body of the main micro pig. The acting was all superb, the characters interesting and its story and themes were done impeccably.

Okja is one of 2017’s films to watch.


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