GCSE Lookback

Most students have now wrapped up their GCSE’s, and have given their thoughts over how their exams went, and advice to students taking them next year.

High school student Adam Falkous said he found Geography the hardest out of them all, purely because he thought there was a lot revise and he struggled remember it all, although he confesses the struggle might of been down to his revision technique. Other than Geography, he thinks his technique worked.

He thought the new English GCSE was unfair, especially in literature as students weren’t allowed to bring in the texts they had studied, he said: “It was more of a test of memory than anything else, which then also puts us at a disadvantage to the past years who had texts to take in.”

His technique was having the revision books and associated materials in front of him, alongside an empty school book for notes. He’d write down the most important bits and say repeat them to himself, firstly while looking then secondly without looking at the revision book. He says that seemed to work a lot, especially for science.

Adam’s first ideas for his A Levels is to study Biology, PE and Engineering.He says he is going to give it his all for A levels as he’s heard they are harder and thinks it would be good to get A levels over GCSE’s.

Another student I spoke to said this about their GCSE’s: “The GCSE’s were difficult, yet it’s all we can expect as the standards and expectations of the boards of education increase. The new system didn’t entirely throw us off but it took some adapting and guessing as to what we might get in English and Maths. We survived our GCSE’s and, hopefully, we will survive our results day.”

I myself found most GCSE’s hard, and I understand why there would be annoyance at not being allowed texts, especially since my group at the time were allowed them. One thing I do have to say that the amount of revision you put in really does make all the difference.



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